Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance and licences do you have?

Our insurance details and waste management licences are available to download or print below. These documents are all in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is free to download from Adobe. Just click the Get Adobe Reader button below.

What Can I Put In My Skip?

Skips are for general waste, such as anything involved in a general clear-up around the house and property, that is neither liquid or hazardous in nature.

What Can't I Put In My Skip?

No hazardous waste, as specified by your local council. This would include TV's and Computer Monitors, Fridges/Freezers, Paints, Solvents, Liquids, Asbestos, Batteries, Tyres, Electrical Items, Pressurised Containers, or any Food Stuffs. If you need to dispose of such material, please contact us for advice.

What Size Do I Need?

See HERE for typical skip sizes and uses. But if in doubt, call us for advice on 01556 600317.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is dependant on size and location of skip. Please call us for a quote on 01556 600317.

How Long Can I keep The Skip?

The maximum Hire period is 14 days.

Can I keep My Skip For Longer?

Depending on size and availability, this may be possible. However if you require a new permit the skip may have to be removed until a new permit is issued.

When Do I Pay For My Skip?

On delivery, please pay the driver, either by Cash or Cheque. A Receipt Invoice can be sent on request.

How High Can I Fill My Skip?

Within weight limitations (please ask when hiring) skips can be filled LEVEL to the top.

What Do I Do With Hazardous Material/Chemicals?

If you need to dispose of such material, please contact us for advice.

Can The Skip Fit?

In general, you need to allow 10 feet (3 metres) clearance for the delivery vehicle.

Do I Need A Permit?

If the skip is to be located on public land, such as on the road, a footpath or verge, a permit is required.

How Do I Get A Skip Permit?

All the documentation required is available from THIS PAGE. Please print out the necessary application and return it to the council. Where possible, allow at least 10 days for the permit to be issued.

What Happens To The Waste After Collection?

Waste is segregated into the following categories: wood, plastic, soil, rubble, scrap, paper, cardboard. It is then recycled or disposed of in accordance with Local Council regulations.

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